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Last year you helped Willie raise $15,041 for the kids and families that call Brent's Place home.    Let's set a new record and raise $16,000!

Let’s Raise Money for the Kids!

--Willie Duncan

Consider This
Imagine receiving the news one day that your four year old child had been diagnosed with cancer. What would you do if the treatment your child needed was not available in your city or even your state? Imagine what it would be like to travel far from home and into an unfamiliar setting to help your child fight for their life. What would it be like to have to find adequate housing without your support network to rely on? Imagine spending three months away from home watching your child undergo painful treatments, only to discover that their last chance at survival would mean another nine months of treatment and require a bone marrow transplant. How would you pay your bills and hold everything together if you had to leave your job in order to care for your child full time?

This is exactly what one special Brent’s Place family experienced this year.

What Can We Do?
Your gift to support me in the Roadless Ride will allow Brent's Place to provide a home away from home that is “Safe-Clean” for immune compromised children who are going through bone marrow transplantation or other life-saving treatments. It is the only Children's Hospital Colorado approved specialized housing facility that is free of charge, close to treatment facilities and suitable for an entire family.

It costs $93 a day for a family to live at Brent's Place. Please help me meet my goal of $16,000 to support a family for 172 days!

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